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People's Radio

by Gareth Branwyn

In the rush to use high technology for street/village-level purposes, the vital communication resources of radio are often overlooked. People on the left, in the underground, those possessing "non-consensual" opinions, are not using the avenue of free speech that radio CAN provide. Here are some tips on getting more involved in commercial, non-commercial and "clandestine" radio. These suggestions were gleaned from Sound Choice magazine, issues #15 & #16. Unfortunately, while we were working on this stack, Sound Choice went the way of the dinosaur (read: the American economy) We will sorely miss them.

The Association of Clandestine (Radio) Enthusiasts (ACE)
PO Box 11201
Shawnee Mission, KS
ACE is a membership organization with dues of $18/year (which includes the monthly newsletter).

Electronics and Radio Hobbyist's Newsletter
Panaxis Productions
PO Box 130
Paradise, CA 95967-0130
$24 for 12 issues.
The editor of Electronics and Radio Hobbyist's Newsletter, Ernie Wilson, also operates a mail-order business selling kits for building your own low-watt stations.

Both of these publications provide timely information on pirate and clandestine radio, along with coverage of the many technical, legal, and political dimensions of this type of radio activity.

Radio is My Bomb: A DIY Manual for Pirates
The Radio Support Group
Left Bank Books
4142 Brooklyn NE
Seattle, WA 98105
1987, 72 pgs., pb, $6.95
A guide to building, securing, and broadcasting. Put together by a group of British anarchists.

Village Radio Owner's Manual
K. Dean Stephens
Vanguard Trust
H C-02
Box 14765
Arecibo, PR 00612
1990, 28 pgs., pb, $5
Build a solar-powered AM or FM station for between $200-2000.

Electronic Equipment Bank
516 Mill Street, NE
Vienna, VA 22180
(800) 368-3270
Free catalog of radio equipment and supplies.


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