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Big Numbers (12 volumes)

Comics' most gifted writer, Alan Moore, tells the overlapping stories of those who live in Hamptonshire, England in such a way that fractal mathematics is shown to be a guiding factor in their (and our) existence. Moore's sense of drama portrays the most mundane activities and dialogues with edge-of-your-seat relevance. His adeptness at capturing various dialects is astounding.

Sienkiewicz's beautiful artwork is black-and-white in the first issue. Gradually, color is added until the all-color final issue. The working title for the series had been "The Mandelbrot Set," but Moore settled on "Big Numbers" as having more resonance.

(B. Barrows)



Big Numbers
Bill Sienkiewicz
Mad Love, Ltd.
PO Box 61
Northampton, NN1 4DD


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