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The Association of Clandestine (radio) Enthusiasts

A*C*E* is a membership organization for people who are interested in clandestine and pirate radio. "Clandestine" here means unlicensed stations who are operating for subversive political purposes. "Pirate" stations are more generally motivated, trying to provide an alternative to commercial radio programming. While pirate radio is somewhat light-hearted here in the US, it is taken far more seriously in other parts of the world where state control and repression are more blatant.

Membership in A*C*E gets you a monthly newsletter that contains technical information, interviews with pirate broadcasters, news on the legal front, and broadcast info.

(G. Branwyn)


The Association of Clandestine radio Enthusiasts
Keith Thibodeaux
PO Box 1744
Wilmington, DE 19899
Membership is $12/yr.

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Piracy is illegal. If you're busted the government can seize your equipment, drag you through the courts, and fine you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and theoretically, throw you in jail, although I've never heard of that happening to anyone. So, it makes sense to take every possible precaution to avoid The Knock (on your door from the FCC).

- Zeke Teflon

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