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Flatland Distributors

Jim Martin describes his "Flatland" catalog as a "news stand by mail" and a "catalog of unusual lore." It is by far the most comprehensive one-stop-shop for kooky and eccentric publications. He carries lots of the more "high-end" zines (bookzines, multi-colored covers, slick production, square-bound, etc.) along with hard-to-find and super-small press books. From ufology to Situationist rantings to anarchism to experimental art and literature - it's all here.

Each issue of the catalog includes articles and interviews of interest to fringe-o-philes. Also, imports from the UK, Sweden, India, and Canada.

The catalog is available for $2.00.

It's really hard to make a small distribution business work, especially one that carries such marginalia. Others have tried and failed. Jim's one man shop is an encouraging success.

(G. Branwyn)


PO Box 2420
Fort Bragg, CA 95437-2420
(707) 964-8326


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