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Bookworks is a retail store specializing in artists' books and other indications of substrata in contemporary culture. Bookworks carries a range of materials discussed in "Beyond Cyberpunk:" books on cyberculture and critical theory, cyberarts, and contemporary visual art (including photo- graphy, film, & video). These books are from mainstream presses as well as the small and zine presses: RE/Search, Loompanics, universities and self-published. Bookworks also carry artists' software, audio tapes, selected fanzines and alternative comix. The store DOES NOT carry mass-market SF, however.

We have an avid mail order program (though no catalog) and are in the process of forming book-of-month clubs in several areas. Please contact us for more details.

Bookworks is an educational program of Washington Project for the Arts, an alternative art space founded in 1975 and dedicated to experimental contemporary art. Bookworks and WPA also do exhibitions and other programs, including being a de-center (non-center?) for the"1992 Decentralized Worldwide Networking Congress" activities.

Store Sections:
African American Arts & Issues
Art History
Artists' Books
Audio Arts
Book Arts
Concrete and Visual Literature
Critical Theory
Exhibition Catalogs
Help for artists
Mail Art
Music (books and cassettes)
Video Rental
Women's Art & Issues
plus over 200 art publications and underground zines

(R. Moore)

[Robin Moore is the manager of Bookworks - ed.]


400 7th St., NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 347-4590
(202) 347-8393 (FAX)

Here is the TEXT POPUP for WPA/Bookworks

Available from Bookworks:

"Amok Fourth Dispatch"
Detailed bibliography of the weird, the paranoid, the grody. Fringe information for serious bottom-feeders only. $9

edited by Constance Penley and Andrew Ross.
A critical look at "cultural technologies" and the culture (texts) of technology. $16

"Illuminating Video"
An essential guide to video art. Writings by theoreticians, curators, writers, and artists. $25

Connectivity Issue (Vol 24 #2)
Computer arts journal. This issue is dedicated to online artmaking, hacking, and other online concerns. $30

"Thrift Store Paintings"
edited by Jim Shaw. Exhibition catalog of what the Church of the Subgenius would call "Bulldada" (that which is good because it has no idea just how bad it is). $29

"Joel-Peter Witkin: Forum Bottcherstrasse Catalog"
Deluxe edition of the photographs (from conceptions to finished images) of this artist/photographer -- best known for his fantastic tableaux using freaks and cadavers. $80

"Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Moment"
The catalog that Alfonse D'Amato (R-NY) tore in half on the Senate floor. $25

"The Process"
Hallucinogenic novel by Brion Gysin. A seminal work. $11

We also carry:

* Censored works by Mapplethorpe, Marquis de Sade, George Bataille, David Lynch, and Annie Sprinkle.

* Critical works by all those pomo-types (from Baudrillard and Bakhtin to Trinh and Zizek).

* Artists Books. Handmade, limited edition, and one of a kind book art.

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