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Last Gasp

Last Gasp has been a purveyor of fine sleaze and subversion since the heyday of the San Francisco comic underground. I cut my psychedelic teeth on "Weirdo," "Leather Nun," "Zippy," and the "Furry Freak Bros." They're all still here, now joined by "Trashman," "Love and Rockets," and "Eightball." Last Gasp is by far the most comprehensive source I have seen for underground art and comics. They have lots of super-small comic press titles like "American Primitive," "Avenue D," "Dirty Plotte," and "CPU Wars." They also carry books on avant garde art, post-modernism, and body modification (tattooing, piercing, etc). A pretty decent stock of zines rounds out their catalog offerings. Between Last Gasp, Bud Plant, and Flatland Distributors, you should be able to find most of the sidestream books, mags, and zines mentioned in this stack. The Last Gasp catalog is $1.00.

(G. Branwyn)

Last Gasp
2180 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-6636

Graphic from
Frank Miller's Ronin

Here is the TEXT POPUP for

Becky Wilson edits a high quality wimmen's comic with art from Europe and the US. Trina, Kominski, Cestac.

"Tintin: Breaking Free"
This story produced by some Brit anarchist uses copyrighted characters to start a revolution. Hey! Hey! Anarchy in the UK!!
B&W s/c

"You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive"
An anthology of work by Seth "World War III" Tobocman, strongly political and violently black and white.
B&W s/c

Kathy Acker
This post-punk Milton wages a one woman war against structure, taste, logic, and even words themselves.

Great Expectations $6.95
Don Quixote $8.95
Blood and Guts
in High School $8.95


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