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Vague Magazine

A post-situationist journal from the UK with a wild design style and thoughtful writing on the decay of the spectacle.

Several back issues which are of particular interest here:

#16/7: Psychic Terrorism Annual. "The Boy Scout's Guide to the Situationist International" Debord, The Angry Brigade, The King Mob, Malcolm McLaren & The Sex Pistols, with a bibliography; an interview with Psychic TV and Genesis P'Orridge; Interview with Klaus Maeck, writer and head of Hamburg's Rip Off Records."
A4, 122pp, (pb) $7.00

#21: Cyberpunk: interview with Jon Savage, review of "Assault on Culture", rock and roll fascism, Tom Vague's autointerview, Mark Downham on Cyberpunk, Dick Arlen: Class War.
A4, 114pp, (pb) $7.00

(G. Branwyn)



edited by Tom Vague
available in the US from Flatland Distributors

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