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Processed World
satire for info-workers

The magazine with the bad attitude. Published in San Francisco by a collective of unpaid editors and writers, this magazine has been at the forefront of the new terrain of economic warfare: the information economy. Originally aimed at unorganized office workers, it has expanded to question all modes of "work" as it is defined by the marketplace. Large doses of satire, graphic wit, and subversive suggestions for getting your boss off your back, including sh! sabotage.

Processed World
1095 Market St. Suite 109
San Francisco, CA 94103
$12/4 issues

Graphic: Cover art for issue #25

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Processed World:

Back Issue Themes:

#25: Vacation
#24: Fall '89
#23: Production & Consumption
#22: Bad Ecotude
#20: Health
#19: Temporary Work
#18: Sex
#16: Animals, Fascism
#15: Food
#14: Kids
#12: '84 Election
#11: "Drugs: A Corrosive SocialÊCement"
#10: Subverting Hi-Tech
#09: Winter 83

$3.50 (EACH)


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