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Lots of goodies for those who ooh and ah over such people and things as Eric Drexler/R.A.Wilson /Cyberpunk/Memes/Madness. The lead article in issue number three relates author Walter Scott's experience in a mental ward after making a "sort of" attempt to commit suicide. His insights into the mental health treatment industry are astute and fascinating. Also in the third issue, editor Ronald Hale-Evans writes about the involuntary tendency for humans to form cliques, L-5 meister H. Keith Henson gives a riff on memes, and Jeremy Wolff debriefs us on his trip into cyberspace. Cool art provided by Jay O'Connell.

(M. Frauenfelder)



Ronald Hale-Evans
89 Mass Ave, Suite 199
Boston MA 02115

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Singularity:

infotopia: a possible computer-generated reality which provides (through personality uploading) immortality of consciousness, and infinite user-defined realities (such as Gibson's "cyberspace" and "aleph").

pessimal: maximally bad (opposite of "optimal").
(Hacker slang)"

- Postique Capta, Glenn Grant
"Singularity" #3
Autumn 1990 brain at that time was something like a coiled spring, packed with poisonous visions.

Reality is an emulsion...thin and fragile to the extreme. Acid gradually eats away at this emulsion, leaving scratches, and holes through which is glimpsed a light, but be careful, it burns; the trick is not to be blinded...

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