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A bouncy, trouncy "neurozine," full of fun-FUN! Mark Frauenfelder and wife Carla Sinclair put together this quarterly zine of playful futurism -- "Brain Candy for Happy Mutants" as they call it. Contributors include: Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, Glenn Grant, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson, Daniel Clowes, and Ward Dean. Regular artwork by Danny Hellman, Kevin Banks, Claudia Newell, and Darick Chamberlin. With interviews, essays, humor, reviews, and cool cartoons (many of them penned by Mark F. himself). NOT for stuck-up sticky beaks.

As you may have noticed by now, Mark Frauenfelder is one of the chief contributors to "Beyond Cyberpunk." Also, as of issue #9 of bOING-bOING, I (Gareth Branwyn) am now Senior Editor. Peter Sugarman is a contributor too. So, if you like Beyond Cyberpunk and want to keep abreast of the scene that it tracks, subscribe to our quarterly journal bOING-bOING!

Back issues:

#5: Memetics, Smart Drugs, and The Grotesque. Fiction by David Hast, Luke McGuff, and Paul di Filippo. Comics by Scott Johnson, Steve Swink, and Mark Frauenfelder. 44 pages, 2-color cover. Only a few copies left $15.00.

#6: Brain Toys, The New Inquisition, and Herbal Medicine. Fiction by Marc Laidlaw. Comics by Danny Hellman, Daniel Clowes, and L.L. Murphy. Comic and Zine reviews. 52 pages, 3-color cover, $10.00

#7: Build your own brain toys, article by R.A. Wilson. Only a few left. $15.

#8: Dan Joy talks about "PIHKAL," the drug opus he edited. Interview with Lew Shiner. Inside the Urine-Sniffing scene at Motorola. Very cool full color cover by Mark F. $6.00

#9: Interview with Bruce Sterling on his latest book "The Hacker Crackdown." New regular column by Rudy Rucker. Paco Xander Nathan gives us a back stage pass to the Robot Group. 7-page spoof of "Mondo 2000." New design/expanded page count! $4.00

(G. Branwyn)



11288 Ventura Blvd., #818
Studio City, CA 91604
$14/4 issues

Here is the TEXT POPUP for bOING-bOING:

Sixty percent of United States citizens believe that there is a place where those who have led bad lives and die without being sorry are eternally damned.

Narc of the Beast
The FBI employs 2,600 workers to catalog 187 million fingerprint cards. A federal program has been initiated to digitally store these fingerprints using electro-optical technology, which would enable law enforcement agencies to electronically scan a person's fingerprints, and transmit the data over a phone line to the FBI for instant identification.

828 radioactive dead beagles were shipped from California in 55-gallon drums to Hanford, Washington for burial. The cold-war experimental dogs also produced 17.5 tons of radioactive excrement which also must be buried under federal rules governing low-level radioactive waste. Taxpayers can rejoice in the knowledge that they will pay $22 million dollars to have all this crap buried.

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