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Going Gaga

Going Gaga is a periodic magazine of art, information, and noise (not necessarily in that order). "We hope to inspire personal and cultural change through experimental art, writing, performance and other oblique strategies. Issues so far have included:

#2 Dead Dadaists Defiled
A report on the Smithsonian's ridiculous Dada/Surrealism Symposium.
#3 Notebooks of the Mind.
A look at the things we say and doodle to ourselves in journals and notebooks.
#4 Marginalia:
A "bagozine" filled with cultural kitsch and other marginal weirdness.
#5 Self-Destructing Manifestos:
Why both mind models and mind bombs are essential. A meditation on the dada saying: "The ultimate goal of dada is the destruction of dada itself."
#6 Pocket Universes:
An exploration of virtual and local realities.
#7 The Poison is in the Dosage:
A cassette tape exploring the world of psychedelic experiences.
#8 The 7-Day Issue.
An experimental publishing project where everything received in the mail during a seven day period was pasted into the magazine. Contributions from mail artists, comic artists, poets, writers, and just plain folks.

Going Gaga is edited by Gareth Branwyn, co-creator and editor of this stack.

Going Gaga
c/o Gareth Branwyn
4905 Old Dominion Drive
Arlington, VA 22207

Going Gaga is no longer being published, but collector's sets are available. Please contact me about prices.

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Your presence here constitutes acceptance of the terms of said disclaimer granting permission to photograph and record you visually and orally for whatever reason, including use in TV and/or film productions, newspapers, magazines, etc. You hereby grant universal rights for any reproduction of your image, likeness, or voice in any form whatsoever.


--Brian Goldberg, Going Gaga #8

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