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Virus 23

CAUTION: Are you ready to expose your nervous system to this potent Canadian mind virus? A blend of cyberpunk, Crowleyanity, shamanism and psychedelia, "Virus 23" comes disguised in an attractive, graphically innovative zine. This "new edge" publication has been mutating Simian brains for the past two issues by infecting them with techno-shamanism, reviews of the weird, and reports of the strange. Its a metaphysical pit-bull that will rip your flabby world to shreds.

(M. Frauenfelder)


PO Box 46
Red Deer, Alberta T4N 5E7

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Virus 23

Tobacco Terrorists "Playing God" Durham, N.C. (TSI) -

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the
possibility that a tobacco worm infestation may be the work
of "domestic terrorists." The unusually pesticide-resistant strain of tobacco worms devastated tobacco crops across the state of North Carolina earlier this year, causing it to be declared a federal disaster area. The cause of FBI interest is a "press release" faxed to newspaper offices and radio and television stations nationwide last week. It stated that the infestation was a "project" (called Operation Just Because) of an organization calling itself Hawkmoth Enterprises. The tobacco worm is the larva of the hawkmoth.

According to the statement, the action was carried out in retaliation for President Bush's request for funds to study the feasibility of dropping coca-eating caterpillars on fields in Peru and Columbia and "to give Jesse Helms a good kick in the a--." "It's damned irresponsible," said Anthony Comstock, a local tobacco grower. "They're playing God, unleashing a plague for a cheap laugh." Special Agent Charles Becker, of the Durham FBI office, refused to comment on the ongoing investigation, but stated that "these people will be caught. No one attacks America's farmers and gets away with it." - *Virus 23* #pi

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