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Watchmen is one of the most artistically successful graphic novels ever created. Written by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons, the story spans 12 issues.

On one level, it's a simple murder mystery. The first issue featured the killing of a cruel costumed hero named The Comedian. Why did he die? Who killed him?

In this dark world, costumed heroes flourished briefly in the forties, faded, had a rebirth in the 60's, and were outlawed in the 70's. The story offers such colorful characters as: Rorschach, a grim smelly man in a trench coat, who haunts the night, trolling for criminals to punish. Dr. Manhattan, who possesses such far-reaching quantum powers that he is the mainstay of the U.S. defense system. In fact, when he leaves the Earth to take up residence on Mars, the world, in his absence, ticks ever closer towards World War III.

Each issue of the "Watchmen" focuses on a different hero. The tension continually mounts as the series moves towards its climax. Will the world blow itself up? Is Rorschach correct in his "mask-killer" conspiracy theory? Was the Comedian's death the result of what he saw on that mysterious island?

Too many questions? Read the "Watchmen."

As Rorschach would say: "Hurm".

(P. Sugarman)


Written by Alan Moore
Drawn by Dave Gibbons
DC Comics

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Watchmen:

Moore's writing is a marvel. He has mastered the leitmotif style, taking a phrase, repeating it, paring it down with each usage, reducing it to its essence. This effect creates a powerful sympathetic echo in the reader. What he does with a phrase, he also does with the themes which wriggle and writhe through this impressive piece of serious comic book literature.

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