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Tank Girl

Tank Girl is the wet-dream cyberpunkette of Britain's underground comix scene. Whether she's lacing the CIA's coffee with acid and hanging George Bush by his balls from the Statue of Liberty, or bounty-hunting for gun toting road-warrior kangaroos, Tank Girl always gets the job done in a way that would make Bugs Bunny proud. Artist Hewlett and writer Martin shake together early 70's kitsch design, Egon Schiele stretch- people, and street punk cred to produce a whimsical jolt of anarchistic "Sod off, bugger!" humor. (M. Frauenfelder)


Tank Girl
Janie Hewlett & Alan Martin
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
10956 SE Main St,
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Four-Issue Limited Edition

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Tank Girl:

Things had changed in the outback since Crocodile Dundee
had moved to Shoreham-By-Sea. Kangaroos had moved on from
destroying crops to snogging farmers and burning their kids.
The prairies of Australia were no longer safe for the hard-working rednecks.

In issue one I bagged off with a kangaroo, in issue two I made President Hogan Sh*t (sic) his pants, now in issue three I'm hunted by some of Australia's nastiest bounty Hunters. How I can fit all this in and still find time to wash my hair I don't know! - Tank Girl.

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