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Dr. Adder

by K.W. Jeter

Dr. Adder plies his trade on the hookers of "The Interface", reaching into their subconscious and turning their most secret dreams of the flesh into reality. If that should involve removing a few limbs or burning out their brains with drugs, well, that's what makes him so good at what he does. But John Mox's MFs (Moral Forces) are bent on Adder's destruction. It's an act of revenge for some particularly nasty work that Adder did on his wife. Caught between them is E. Allen Limmit, fresh off the giant chicken farm.

This book is fast and loose, moving from a decayed Los Angeles to a dystopic Orange County. Limmit is the ultimate anti-hero; he is thrust into life-threatening situations where the stakes are high for everyone EXCEPT E. Allen Limmit.

Jeter is an observant protege of Philip K. Dick, and this novel contains many of Dick's classic themes and images, including religion, drugs, mindscapes, and deception. Taking place in a deconstructed Los Angeles, this book in many ways is a bridge between Dick's works and the motifs that have come to be thought of as classically cyberpunk.

(A. Mayer)


Dr. Adder
K.W. Jeter
(currently out of print)

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Dr. Adder:

Filled with heavy subconscious sexuality and intense violence, this book was not published until 1984, twelve years after it was written. Even Philip K. Dick's influential support wasn't enough to convince a publisher to take a chance on it before then.

The original edition, published by Bluejay Books, contained numerous illustrations by Matt Howarth, creator of "Those Annoying Post Brothers".

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