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Those Annoying Post Brothers

Ron and Russel Post are two lovable psychopaths from Bugtown, a place where death is a temporary condition. And, like almost everyone else from this surrealist city of disaster, they have the ability to shift between dimensions. In practice, this means that if one of them is pinned up against a wall one second, a second later, they may have turned into a a five hundred foot Post brother armed with a bazooka and the guts to use it.

Around since the 1970's, where their adventures appeared in
Heavy Metal magazine, the Brothers are an excuse to let creator Matt Howarth's dark imagination run wild. He often depicts his characters graphically dismembering, crushing, gutting, and ripping limb from limb anything that gets in their way, no matter how casual their actual destination may be.

But, beyond the rampant destruction, there is an intricate science fiction universe here to explore, along with some of the most interesting and unique
SF/horror concepts to appear in the past decade. It's a place where these characters can explore lack of life, loss of liberties, and pursue whatever strikes their fancy. Anything goes in the Post Brothers' world.

(A. Mayer)

Those Annoying Post Brothers
Matt Howarth
Rip Off Press
PO Box 4686,
Auburn CA, 95604

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Matt Howarth is also an aficionado of alternative music. Brian Eno, The Residents, and Nash the Slash, have all appeared in his comics. He also uses his characters to review records, usually in four panel "comic strip" form.

"Who are the Bulldaggers? And why did you kill the babysitter?"
-Young child to Ron Post. Ron is the crazier of the two brothers.
The Bulldaggers are a Bugtown band which has the elder god Cthulu on keyboards.

Beside The Post Brothers, Matt also produces "Savage Henry", another Bugtown resident who is as naive as the Post Brothers are corrupt. His girlfriend is Caroline, a woman who has been massively cloned for her own safety.

Much of Matt's work is self published. His address is:

Matt Howarth
P.O. Box L-804
Langhorne, PA 19047


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