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American Flagg

Reuben Flagg, former star of "Mark Thrust, Sexus Ranger" hasbeen cut from his own show and replaced by a computer- generated actor. He has been sent from Mars to the Plex Mall in Chicago, where he becomes an actual Plexus Ranger, upholding the laws of the Marsplex, the corporate owners of Earth.

First published in 1984, "American Flagg" was way ahead of its time in its depiction of Soviet/U.S. relations, and its vision of a video-controlled future. Chaykin uses unique graphic design and heavy-duty satire to help realize his vision of tomorrow. There's also some hot (R-rated) sex thrown in to keep the reader's interest. A former "underground" artist of the Sixties, Chaykin creates a story that's like nothing you've ever seen before.

(A. Mayer)


American Flagg
Written and drawn by Howard Chaykin.
Published by First Comics.

Here is the TEXT POPUP for American Flagg:

Quickly collapsing in quality after Chaykin left the title, the
comic had a brief resurgence in 1988 when he resurrected it for 12 issues under the new title "Howard Chaykin's American Flagg."

Chaykin was also the artist for Marvel's adaption of "Star Wars," a comic that has been reprinted more than any other in History.

"Who do you have to lick to get a drink around here?"

- Raul, the talking cat.


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