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Sensoria from Censorium

Edited by John Marriot

This book, similar in design and content to the 1987 "USA" issue of "Semiotext(e)," provides a glimpse of what the art and culture underground looked like in 1990. Marriot compiles a significant time capsule of "Other Ground Works" from the thousands of zines, audio tapes, hand-outs, manifestoes, mail art pieces, and other "networking art" that makes its way around the planet each year.

Contributors include zine publishers Mike Gunderloy (former editor of Factsheet Five), Daniel Plunkett (ND magazine), Hal McGee (Electronic Cottage), and Lloyd Dunn (Retrofuturism and Yawn), mail artists Vittore Baroni, John Held, Jr., and Ryosuke Cohen, plus interviews with numerous bands, performance artists, etc. A gallery of recent comic art, a 45 by Mr. Science (remember records!) and a couple of cool postcards are also included. A way cool deal at $17. A list of contributors is included for those that want to join in the fun.

(G. Branwyn)



Sensoria from Censorium
Edited by John Marriot
Box 147
Stn. J,
Toronto, ONT
M4J 4X8 Canada
1990, 180 pgs., large pb, $17

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