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This quarterly zine describes itself as a "hypermedia" magazine. Its usage of the term hypermedia is not confined to the computer, but instead, refers to the conjunction of all types of media (print, film, computer, photostatic copier, performance) as is witnessed especially in the zine and mail art networks. "Retrofuturism" used to be a column (or mini-zine) within another publication called "Photostatic." When "Photostatic" closed up shop to join the Art Strike, "Retrofuturism" emerged as a full-fledged mag. It covers much the same territory as "Photostatic" with a bit higher production value and a less chaotic design.

"Retrofuturism's" principle focus still seems to be on experimental art and music, critical theory, and the political possibilities of aesthetic cultural assault. If "Plagiarism," "Neoism," the "Situationists," the "Art Strike," "Plunderphonics," and "The Aggressive School of Cultural Workers" mean anything to you (or if they sound intriguing), this publication is well worth checking out.

The magazine is put together by the Tape-beatles, an audio and hypermedia performance group. Their most recent tape "Music with Sound" is the best sound-collage recording I've ever heard. It is an incredible example of "musique concrete" and the possibilities for detourning the noise of our post-modern mediascape into a powerful (and very entertaining) form of cultural feedback. It's like the situationists meet Firesign Theater.



edited by The Tape-beatles
911 North Dodge St.
Iowa City, IA 52245
$10/4 issues $3/sample copy
"Music With Sound" is available for $8 (cassette) $12 (CD).

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Retrofuturism:

Other projects by the same people who do Retrofuturism:

YAWN: Newsletter of the Art Strike ($10/yr)
The Tape-Beatles (various recordings)
Videostatic (1989 tape- $10)
Audiostatic ($6/each)
Radiostatic (Radio Show)
Photostatic (currently on Art Strike)
Hyperstatic: database of networking artists (price unknown)
Artist Book Catalog (free)
Tape-Beatles t-shirt ($12) WAY COOL design on Lg. black shirt.
You NEED this T-shirt.

To write about Neoism?! is the easiest thing in the world because you can say just about anything (ANYTHING) and it will fit with the concept. Just like our stickers, Neoism?! sticks to anything.

You can copy the immortal wisdom of Neoist?! conspirators, and, of course you can use your own stupid ideas as well. The purpose of our propaganda is not to convince but to confuse.




My central thesis has always been that technology is the agency by which centralist bureaucracies will wither away, contrary to most analyses. When that occurs we will be free to develop an unending array of dreamstate proto-types. These will be tested against reality in order to invent vector forward routines into a universe of creative pleasure where the world itself and others are integrated and self-amplifying. The human condition is ready for a new diagram.

- Walter Alter

The Tape-Beatles are you -- only better.

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