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Temple ov Psychick Youth

"Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth exists as a meeting place for those individuals who find themselves, for one or another reason, disaffected with Western culture. T.O.P.Y. advocates a return to thee tribe. Modern high-tech shamanism. A return to a reverence for thee Earth and all entities/Life Spirits inhabiting it. Our totems, to name but a few, are thee Wolf, thee Coyote, thee Spider. We spin new webs, thee network stretches across vast geographical distance to share information, ideas and modern lore. Thee drum, once thee voice ov thee tribe, gives way to thee computer and thee satellite. We look backwards in time, not out ov nostalgia, but to seek out forgotten ways ov DO-ing things, ways to help solve thee dilemma that WoMan-kind has created for HerSelf and Her Kind, Her Home --

"These Issues are coumplex ones, and thee Temple claims no easy answers. We can offer only one tiny ray ov hope. If we each can live our lives as an example, to show thee rest ov our species how people COULD live, if they only dared to dream, to have and to pursue a Vision, then perhaps others will be inspired to dream again.

"We cannot change thee World, only OurSelves. Please join us in the struggle!"

- excerpts from a T.O.P.Y. flier

(M. Frauenfelder)



Temple ov Psychick Youth
PO Box 18223
Denver CO 80218


Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth
North American Station SoL
PO Box 33540
San Diego, CA 92163


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