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This "cyberzine" is a looser, less stuffy version of the more well-known Extropy. It covers a lot of the same turf: neophilia, DIY tech, life extension, nanotech, anarchy, and better living through chemistry. Editor Robert Derek does an excellent job of producing a handsome, well executed publication. The last issue we saw included: "Desktop Terrorism," an Extropian manifesto, "The Great Work" (by John Perry Barlow), a humorous survey for "Internet geeks," a prose poem by Douglas Arcane, and an introspective LSD tale (aren't they all) by Derek.

(G. Branwyn)

Robert Derek, ed.
200 Market st. A-21
Lowell, MA 01852

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Flux:

The future was now.

To shape the emergent future, we will need powerful new intellectual tools - new theories of change and causation capable of explaining the new social and political complexity: new categories and classification systems; and new models to help us interrelate the disparate, discordant data that now threatens to drown us in meaninglessness.
- Alvin Toffler

We believe ISDN is rapid enough to jump-start the greatest free market the world has ever known.

- John Perry Barlow

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