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A Journal of Transhumanism

If Ayn Rand had been a cyberpunk, she would have written for "Extropy." An Extropian utopia would be an L5 space colony filled with immortal hybrid human/robots who take designer psychedelics and discuss futurist politics. The editor of this quasi-academic journal, Max More, espouses the philosophy of Transhumanism (initially developed by futurist FM-2030, AKA F.M. Esfandiary), which promotes immortality, abundance, intelligence increase and freedom through cryonics, nanotechnology, psychedelics, computers and anarchy. Typical article titles include "The Thermodynamics of Death," "A Memetic Approach to 'Selling' Cryonics," "Neurocomputing," and "Darwin's Difficulty."

(M. Frauenfelder)



PO Box 57306
Los Angeles, CA 90057-0306
Tel/Fax: 213-484-6383
$9/2 issues

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Mississippi Review #47/48 and Storming the Reality Studio:

"Arch-anarchy is the highest form of anarchy. Plain anarchists deny the validity of the State's laws. But why stop there? As an *arch*-anarchist, I deny the validity of *every law* -- human or otherwise -- that gets in the way of my will."

- Extropy #5

"We can now see a revealing parallel between theists and
socialists. Those who believe in a god who creates the universe, life and consciousness, and those who reject the market because of its purported chaos, both fail to appreciate the power of spontaneous ordering principles. Socialists and other statists can't understand how human purposes can be efficiently pursued without some wise persons designing and controlling a social system."

- Max More, Extropy #7

Recommended reading list from Extropy:

Freeman Dyson-
"Infinite in All Directions"

Hans Moravec
"Mind Children: The Future of Human and Robotic Intelligence"

Robert Ettinger
"The Prospect of Immortality Man into Superman"

"Are you a Transhuman?"

F.M. Esfandiary
"Optimism One"

Saul Kent
"The Life Extension Revolution"

Jerome Glenn
"Future Mind: Artificial Intelligence"

Alan Harrington
"The Immortalist"

Julian Simon-
"The Ultimate Resource"

Adrian Berry
"The Next Ten Thousand Years


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