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Verbum covers the computer end of the art beat (or is that the art end of the computer beat?)

Computers provide artists with just another tool to work with, another medium to work in. The "rules" of art still apply. These rules endure far better than the constantly evolving set of tools available to the artist. Electronic graphics is at best a moving target and Verbum hits a bullseye on a consistent basis.

The look of the magazine is innovative, bright and very contempo. The attitude is cheerful and irreverent. You get the feeling the editorial staff relaxes by pinning sacred cows onto their dart boards.

Verbum practices what they preach. They have generated an entire series of "how-to" books, to disseminate the information gathered from the frontier of electronic graphics. They also published the first magazine that talks back, Verbum Interactive. This was created using MacroMind Director software and is delivered on CD-Rom.

If you can only afford one computer magazine, consider Verbum.

(P. Sugarman)


Verbum, Inc.
P.O. Box 15439
San Diego, CA 92115
Credit Card Orders:
Phone 619/233-9977
FAX 619/233-9976

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Verbum...

"I made dinner. I enjoyed the feel of the 19th century-based carbon steel knife in my hand. It cut cleanly and reliably through layers of peppers, onions and mushrooms. The stove booted instantly, bursting flame onto the bottom of the frying pan. I ate the food slowly. I sat outside and watched the sky change color in the west, above the strip of blue ocean. It was a perfectly graduated fill, from turquoise to pink, at high resolution with no banding."

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