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"TAP," which currently stands for Technological Advancement Party, is alive again after a long hiatus. This digest-sized magazine grew out of the Yippie movement and its penchant for monkey-wrenching the state and big corporations. Their original focus on phreaking has now expanded to include hacking, hi-tech electronics, scams and rip-offs, anarchist tactics and generally "forbidden" information. "TAP" also operates a bulletin board containing similar material and a library of all the major electronic hacker zines

TAP Online's #: 502-499-8933.

(G. Branwyn)



PO Box 20264,
Louisville, KY 40250

Murray from Max Headroom

Here is the TEXT POPUP for TAP:

What to do when the Feds come to your house:

1) Don't talk to the FBI, CIA, SS, City, County, or State police. Don't let them in without a warrant. Keep records of their visit and what they say and do. Ask to see identification. Audio or videotape the event, if you can.

2) Even if the police have a warrant, you still don't have to talk to them. If fact, you don't have to talk to them in your house, on the street, or even in jail. Only a Grand Jury subpoena puts the hacker in the dilemma of whether or not he/she will talk...or prefer to go to jail.

3) Anything you say will be used against you (and others, if possible).

4) Don't try to outwit the Feds. You can never tell whether a seemingly harmless bit of information is going to help or to harm you (or someone else).

5) Don't let them intimidate you by pretending that they have information about you and your comrades. Let them rave.

6) If you anticipate an arrest, don't keep an address book or other things that might help the gov't.

7) Tell them to contact your lawyer. More often than not, once an attorney enters the picture, the FBI and police will pull back because they know they can no longer intimidate you.


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