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Megabrain Report

A quarterly newsletter exploring different ways to stimulate your brain into higher levels of performance using the latest in consciousness technology. Each issue contains approximately 40 pages of information on brain toys, smart drugs, virtual reality, lucid dreaming and other methods for achieving enhanced cognition. "Megabrain Report" contains regular features such as the Forum, a question and answer column; interviews with inventors and researchers investigating consciousness tech; and "Roll Your Own," a section that discusses plans for brain machine projects you can build yourself. Subscribers receive a free copy of "The Consumer's Guide to Consciousness Technology," which exposes bullshit claims and makes "best buy" recommendations.

(M. Frauenfelder)



Megabrain Report
Michael Hutchison, Editor
PO Box 2744
Sausalito, CA 94965
$36/4 issues (US) ($41 Canada & Mexico,
$48 for other foreign)

Signal/Whole Earth Catalog


Here is the TEXT POPUP for Megabrain Report:

Hydergine may be what psychologist-pharmacist Ross Pelton calls "the ultimate smart pill." The substance, whose generic name is ergoloid mesylates, is made from a natural, organic source: the ergot fungus of rye plants (it was discovered at Sandoz laboratories by the visionary chemist, Dr. Albert Hoffman, also known for his discovery of another ergot derivative, LSD 25)...

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