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"EFFector" is the journal of The Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF actually produces two publications, a quarterly hard copy tabloid ("EFFector") and an electronic journal (called "EFFector Online") which is published fortnightly and available on the Internet. Both "EFFectors" provides news of EFF activities, the latest on court cases of interest to EFF, and other cyberspace news and cultural items. The hard copy version is mailed to all EFF members. "Effector Online" is available to anyone for free simply by sending a request to

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EFFector and EFFector Online
The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc.
155 Second St. #11
Cambridge, MA 02141


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effector n, Computer Sci. A device for producing a desired change.

More Titles On The EFF Magazine Stand

"Intertext," an electronic magazine devoted to fiction, is published bimonthly by Jason Snell ( Although primarily established as a place on the net to publish genres other than sci-fi/fantasy, it does still contain some. The quality of the fiction is about that of what you would find in alt.prose. Jason welcomes submissions of all genres. "Intertext" is also available by e-mail subscription and is primarily archived on

"Quanta" is the electronically distributed journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy. As such, each issue contains fiction by amateur authors as well as articles, reviews, and other items of interest. You'll find pretty standard sci-fi/fantasy in "Quanta," with an occasional gem or two. The editors of "Intertext" and "Quanta" are
friends and they tend to use some of the same editorial policies: they publish just about whatever they get and they publish their favorite writers all the time. "Quanta" is much sharper in format than "Intertext". "Quanta" is edited by Daniel Applequist ( Submission should be sent to Subscription requests should be sent to

"Parsons Messenger And Intelligencer" is a fictional small-town newspaper consisting primarily of editorials written by the fictional residents of Parsons, MidWest, USA. The Editor, Jane Smith, is also fictional. Most of the letters and opinions etc. are stock stereotypes, but a few are creative and interesting. It's a fresh idea, but it stales too quickly.

"The Unplastic News" is a brand new little magazine of quips and
quotes from anywhere and everywhere. It's published by Todd Tibbetts (, who is new to the net and hasn't quite figured out how to effectively distribute Unplastic yet. Unplastic's first issue is a collection of fully documented quotes from sources outside the net. I get the impression that Todd wants to collect brilliant offerings from the net for future issues and mix them in heavily with the quotes from other sources. If he can pull this off successfully, "The Unplastic News" will be one cutting-edge pub.

All four titles are available via anonymous ftp from They are to be found in the Journals Directory.

In Over Their Heads --or-- Why The 911 Document Cost $79,449 To Produce At Bellsouth

Over the months since it first came to light, many have wondered how BellSouth could spend the immense amount of money that it claimed it spent on producing the brochure known as the E911 document.

Now it can be told!

The following is BellSouth's actual estimate of its production costs as sent to Bill Cook in January of 1990. We were amazed that the company felt it necessary to add in the entire cost of a major computer system, printer and software.

[Text of letter from K. Megahee to Bill Cook]

1155 Peachtree Street. N E
Atlanta, Georgia 30367-6000
January 10, 1990

Bill Cook -
Assistant United States Attorney
United States Attorney's Office
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Cook:

Per your request, I have attached a breakdown of the costs
associated with the production of the BellSouth Standard Practice
(BSP) numbered 660-225-104SV. That practice is BellSouth Proprietary Information and is not for disclosure outside BellSouth.

Should you require more information or clarification, please
contact my office at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Kimberly Megahee
Staff Manager - Security, Southern Bell

[Handwritten total]

[Attachment to letter itemizing expenses]

Documentation Management

1. Technical Writer To Write/Research Document
-200 hrs x 35 = $7,000 (Contract Writer)
-200 hrs x 31 = $6,200 (Paygrade 3 Project Mgr)

2. Formatting/Typing Time
-Typing WS14 = 1 week = $721.00
-Formatting WS 14 = 1 week = $721.00
-Formatting Graphics WS16 = 1 week = $742.00

3. Editing Time
-PG2 = 2 days x $24.46 = $367

4. Order Labels (Cost) = $5.00

5. Prepare Purchase Order
-Blue Number Practice WS14 x 1 hr = $18.00
-Type PO WS10 x 1 hr = $17.00
-Get Signature (PG2 x 1 hr = $25.00)
(PG3 x lhr = $31.00)
(PG5 x 1 hr = $38.00)

6. Printing and Mailing Costs
Printing= $313.00
Mailing WS10 x 50 hrs = $858.00
(Minimum of 50 locations/ 1 hr per location/ 115 copies

7. Place Document on Index
-PG2 x 1 hr = $25.00
-WS14 x 1 hr = $18.00

Total Costs for involvement = $17,099.


VT220 $850
Vaxstation II $31,000
Printer $6,000
Maintenance 10% of costs


Interleaf Software $22,000
VMS Software $2,500
Software Maintenance 10% of

[End of Document]


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