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Another cyberpunk/hacker's zine covering all facets of computer technology, culture and security. Subtitled "The Cyberpunk Technical Journal," this zine is more concerned with hard technical information than with slickness or style. But, don't let the scuzzy design fool you. There's a lot of neat stuff to be had here. Articles cover a lot more than computer hacking. too. Phones, fax machines, lasers, ham radios, garage door openers and other gadgets are all dissected in search of "vulnerabilities".

There's also information on survival techniques, weapons, and how to change your identity. A pleasingly dense packet of radical tech.

(G. Branwyn)


Cybertek: The Cyberpunk Technical Journal
from OCL/Magnitude
PO Box 64
Brewster, NY 10509

graphic - Bryce from Max Headroom

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Cybertek:

Neat Fax Trick

It involves getting a piece of obnoxious artwork and making three copies of it...One then attaches them end to end so that they look like three pieces of interconnected computer paper (use scotch tape). You then call the fax number you desire and feed in the first sheet. This trick would work best if the place you are calling is closed for the day or otherwise unoccupied...When the first piece clears the machine, attach it to the last sheet. This will create an endless loop of paper. What happens is that this keeps feeding into the fax machine transmitting the same image. On the receiving end, the fax machine will most likely run out of paper, be prevented from receiving other calls, and be effectively neutralized.

[Stack Editors Note: This will not work unless both machines have an infinite, or VERY long, maximum paper length. Lots of machines these days are limited to 39.4" sheets. The length is limited so as to prevent overheating. If the above prank is tried on an infinite length machine, it probably will "be effectively neutralized" due to machine burn-up. Nasty!
-G. Branwyn]


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