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by Rudy Rucker

"Wetware" is the sequel to "Software," a novel about intelligent robots. Rucker tosses around ideas about Von Neuman's catastrophe, artificial intelligence and Godel's
incompleteness theorem as if they were nerf balls. Portions
of "Wetware" take place on the moon, where mobile intelligent robots called boppers run the show. The boppers also fall in love, take robot-drugs, and conspire to create the first all-meat bopper, which they send to Earth for breeding with human folk. The human characters in "Wetware"
spend their time scoring "merge," a designer drug that
temporarily cause people to melt into puddles, and feels great when two lovers take it together and merge in a single

(M. Frauenfelder)



Rudy Rucker
Avon Books, 1988

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Rucker, a respected mathematician, has written a number of non-fiction books, including "The Fourth Dimension."

In this book, Rucker shows his varied scientific background, bringing up subjects such as Cellular Automata and Fractals.


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