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Madox-01: Metal Skin Panic

Madox is your typical story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy
discovers super-secret military battle suit, boy gets accidentally locked in suit, but tries to makes last date with girl, anyway.

Unlike much of the Mecha (Humanoid battle-suit) sub-genre of anime', this story takes place in the immediate future. The battle-suit has been designed as an urban "Tankbuster", and resembles something of a cross between an attack helicopter and a modern deep sea diving suit. The plot revolves around Koji trying to make his date, and Lt. Kilgore, a tank commander who doesn't want to believe the he is becoming obsolete.

Almost all the military equipment used is current, and the design of the Madox showcases the ability of the Japanese to create extremely detailed and plausible technology by extrapolating from present day trends.

The three main characters are Koji, the boy, Miss Kusumoto, the suit's software designer (who sets out to stop the Madox when it falls into "enemy" hands) and Lt. Kilgore who wants to destroy the Madox at any cost.

(A. Mayer)


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Wilmington, NC 28402
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Here is the TEXT POPUP for Madox-01: Metal Skin Panic:

Along with Black Magic M-66, Madox represents some of the best use of the original video animation (direct to video) format, a fully self-contained 45 minute adventure.

The tape also contains a documentary that showcases actual training footage of some of the hardware that appears in Madox.

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