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by John Shirley

Limited Nuclear War.

When they dropped small nuclear bombs on Western Europe, the devastation was anything but limited. Governments collapsed, millions died or starved, the world economy nosedived, and the terror of totalitarian fascism rose again.

Unlike the Nazis, the SA practiced and preached a more cunning fascism that melded with multinational business to extend its influence throughout the world. They used all the standard Nazi weapons: the carrot of national pride; the stick of violent police repression; the mask of religion; and the abyss of personal or national paranoias. Only this time, their virulent campaign included high-tech persuasion techniques, and extended beyond Earth to our space colony.

Against the fascist SA -- what the letters mean doesn't really matter -- stands only a small band of freedom fighters known as the New Resistance. Limited in resources, the NR is comprised only of rag-tag volunteers. One of them is Rickenharp, a burned-out rock musician who isn't even sure why he joined. But in the ashes of Paris, Rickenharp will play the song of this life, A Song Called Youth, to summon the ghost of liberty and end the dark rule that created a man-made Eclipse.

- Book jacket description



John Shirley
Bluejay Books, Inc.
1985, 339 pgs., pb, $8.95


Here is the TEXT POPUP for Eclipse:

The frightening thing about racism is that it can be made to sound so rational.

- Jack Brendan Smoke,
Essays for the Year 2001, Too
Long anno Domini (Witcher Press)

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