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Cyberpunk Graphic Novel

My purchasing behavior in regards to "Cyberpunk Graphic Novel" says it all. I pretty much collect ANYTHING associated with the cyber word, so even though I had heard rumors that this comic wasn't worth the money, I had to have it anyway. I bought Volume 1, #1 and was very disappointed (the "I told you so's" rang load and clear). I missed Volume 1, #2. When Volume 2 ,#1 came out, I almost thought better of buying it. I got it anyway and was thoroughly disgusted. The art had gone from passable to horrible, the story -- pure derivative throw-away crap. Vol. 2 #2 still stares at me from the rack of my local comic shop. And there it shall stay until someone else is stupid enough to buy it.

Volume #1 was written by Scott Rockwell and painted by Darryl Banks. Volume #2 was written by Rockwell and anemically painted by Doug Talalla.

(G. Branwyn)



Cyberpunk Graphic Novel
Innovation Books
3622 Jacob St.
Wheeling, WV 26003

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