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The Role-Playing Game of the Dark Future

This was the first Cyberpunk RPG game to hit the market in 1988. And for a first effort, it's not too shabby. The game box comes with three volumes: "View from the Edge" (the player's handbook), "Friday Night Firefight" (the combat system), and "Welcome to Night City" (a background sourecebook). Player reference sheets and two dice are also included.

Players can choose from nine character types: Rockers, Solos (mercenaries), Netrunners, Medias, Nomads, Corporates, Techies, Fixers (street hustlers), and Cops. The combat system is simple and realistic enough to often be deadly. This is not a total shoot 'em up game. The world is standard-issue cyberpunk and is fleshed out enough in the material to give you a good feel for gaming there. All and all, I was pretty impressed with this game when it was released. I tend to like "GURPS Cyberpunk" better, but then I haven't seen the new version of "Cyberpunk 2020" which is supposed to be a significant improvement over the original release.

(G. Branwyn)




The Role-Playing Game of the Dark Future
Created by Mike Pondsmith
R. Talisorian Games, Inc.
Box 2288
Aptos, CA 95001-2288

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