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Cherry Poptart #8

(Cyberpunk issue!)

Cherry Poptart is usually the prime Hedonic Engineer in this
orgiastic Riverdale High School comic book parody. But in
this special "Cyberpunk" issue, Cherry's hacker girlfriend Ellie Dee is the main star. When she gets sucked through her computer into the Land of Woz, she meets up with a walking mass of data looking for a central processing unit, a Transformer robot in need of a DNA code, and a genetically-engineered lion-man who wants to destroy the bio-lab that spawned him. When Ellie and friends finally meet the all-powerful Woz (who resembles a certain South Bay
hacker made good) he orders them to retrieve the electric
whip belonging to the wicked dominatrix witch of the Wild

(M. Frauenfelder)

Cherry Poptart #8
Last Gasp
PO Box 410067
San Francisco, CA 94141.
$3.50 and age statement
California residents add 6.5% sales tax

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