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Cafe Flesh

An art house porn flick with a SF theme, "Cafe Flesh" is set 5 years after a nuclear holocaust. A radiation-based illness has rendered 99% of the population impotent; actually repulsed by flesh-to-flesh contact. These anti-sex mutants are referred to as Sex Negatives. The remaining one percent who still have sex (and enjoy it) are forced by law to perform for the rest of the population in hopes of arousing sexual desire. The sex performances take place in clubs such as Cafe Flesh.

This rare SF porno film is a thought-provoking exploration of alienation, sexual revulsion, and exhibitionism. The look of the film is imaginative, and the photography and the acting is first-rate (for porno, anyway).

Too bad there aren't more: a) good movies, b) SF movies, c) porno movies, d) good SF porno movies.

Directed by FX Pope, produced by Rinse Dream. Starring Andrew Nichols, Paul McGibonney, Pia Snow, Marie Sharp, and Darcy Nichols.

(G. Branwyn)


Cafe Flesh
Directed by FX Pope
1982, VCA Video


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