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Buzz (#1 & 2)

Edited by computer artist Mark Landman, "Buzz" is an anthology comic showcasing the work of underground artists with a taste for Americana Grotesque. These hot-wired, busted-governor tales will soar through your brain like a sweaty fever-dream. Charles Burns' eerily perfect draftsman- ship is great in "Naked Snack," a parody of the endless 60's Marvel Comics monster stories cranked out by Jack Kirby in his hack phase. Jim Woodring's untitled tale of an apple-worm eating pigman and the apple-worm's avenger comes from the deep bottom of a dark nightmare well. Also featured are pointillist Drew Friedman, long-dead-but-still-funny Basil Wolverton, and editor Mark Landman, who is perhaps one of the few artists who can successfully create cartoons with a computer.

(M. Frauenfelder)

Kitchen Sink Press
Swamp Rd
Princeton, WI 54968

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Buzz:

A piece of the president's brain landed on top of his brown loafer. Brought it home and placed it in a Hellman's jar where it has been ever since. 2:00 pm every weekend, neighbors can stop by and for 25 cents view the brain, which now resembles a sun-dried tomato slightly bigger than a raisin. Next to the display is a placard which reads: "God Bless Our President."

- Drew Friedman's "Famous for Thirty Seconds."


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