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All the Visions

by Rudy Rucker

"All the Visions" is three paragraphs of stream-of-consciousness non-linearity typed on a Jack Kerouac-style roll of paper. The term "Experimental Writing" often means "interesting but flawed." "All the Visions," happily, is a fascinating and successfully executed cross-section through the many selves of Conrad Bunger: a schoolchild who shares the bottom of the classroom totem pole with a "strange slobberer named Skeeter;" a reluctant math professor; a drug mystic who will gladly risk his neck while seeking the gnarl; a confused family man; a punk rock rebel; and a cyberpunk novelist. Most readers who know a little about Rucker will instantly figure out that *All the Visions* is concentrated autobiography, a neural spelunking expedition conducted with humor and openness. Those who have read Rucker's novel "The Secret of Life" will experience deja vu when they read "All the Visions," as both works share many scenes and characters.

(M. Frauenfelder)

All The Visions
Rudy Rucker
(Trade Paperback bound with
Space Baltic by Anselm Hollo; Ocean View Books, 125 pp,
$9.95, ISBN 0-938075-12-8)

Here is the TEXT POPUP for All the Visions:

I've done five novels now, and people who don't know me too
wee often ask, "where do you get your ideas?" There's a lot of possible answers to that, some just jokes. S. Clay Wilson, the underground cartoonist, used to answer, "Dreams, Dope and Day-to-Day Data." Or someone might say, "I steal my ideas from people like you, that's why you don't have any."

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