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Aeon Flux

This SF animation series is part of MTV's new show "Liquid Television."

It features a tough, Vampirilla- dressed heroine on a perilous journey into some sort of highly secure installation. A virus of body-invading bugs plagues the world in which our heroine moves. After five infinitely recycled episodes of this series, that's about all we know.

MTV has re-shown the first batch "Liquid TV" episodes about 4 times, with no indications as to whether the show will get a second season.

The show is typical of the unrealized potential of MTV. Here's a showcase for new short-subject animators and comic artists and they insist on using 5 or 6 continuing series, which they then place in perpetual re-runs. Ho Hum.

"Aeon Flux" is one of the best things on the show and I wouldn't mind seeing it continue, but I'd also like to see other cutting edge and/or SF-oriented work.

I want my eMTyV!

(G. Branwyn)

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