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Technology Works

"Technology Works" is by far my favorite industrial fanzine. It uses the same intelligent approach that made RE/Search's "Industrial Culture Handbook" so effective. Instead of having writers or the editor pontificate ad nauseam on the deeper meanings of industrial music, it simply lets the artists speak for themselves. Each issue is almost entirely comprised of band interviews. Recent conversants have included Front 242, KMFDM, Crash Worship, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly, and Consolidated.

There is also a healthy review section where editor Paul Moore and others cover the latest commercial and basement releases. Although the focus is definitely on dance-oriented industrial, there is also coverage of experimental and industrial noise projects. Other zines and computer software get some attention here as well. At $1.50/issue, "Technology Works" is a steal of a deal.

(G. Branwyn)


Technology Works
Paul Moore, editor
PO Box 477
Placentia, CA 92670-0477
Internet mail:

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Technology Works:

Too lazy to form a band? Then you can become part of Out of Band Experience's releases by calling them up at 1.800.OUT.BAND and leaving them a message that they just might include on future releases.


We have no MESSAGE. We don't want to say anything to the people. We just take samples from the world around us, the news, TV, movies, the street. We put them together and we work a little like journalists. We act as a reflection of what's happening and what's interesting for us in the world. We put [our] songs together to make a collage of the news.
-Front 242


[Social and environmental issues] have always been a concern of ours -- we look at the world through our eyes and interpret the world through our language, which comes out in our music. It's subject to interpretation by the listener, and he applies it to his concerns. We are very much aware of nature and people and the non-political side of surviving.
-cEVIN Key, Skinny Puppy


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