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The Book of the Subgenius

by The Subgenius Foundation

A few years ago, I accepted the truth of J.R "Bob" Dobbs' revelations, and began to "pull the wool over my own eyes", as our esteemed "Slackmaster" puts it. In "Bob," I found a new cosmic pal - it was like meeting Jesus, only much cheaper. "Bob" gave me the means to find True Slack, which is something akin to the doctrine of "wu wei," or doing nothing effectively. I've "raped my own mind"...and enjoyed it!

As a SubGenius, you'll find that your enjoyment of sex multiplies many fold! Join the "Fishers of Wallets" in their holy mission, bring The Conspiracy to a standstill. Chant the Holy Mantrium to satisfy your every whim. And, remember: "Eternal Salvation Guaranteed or Triple Your Money Back!" Can other religions make such a claim? I think not.

(K. Bloom)



The Book of the Subgenius
The Subgenius Foundation
Simon & Schuster
1983, 176 - 8 1/2 x 11 pages, illustrated, $10.95


Here is the TEXT POPUP for The Book of the Subgenius:

Here is an INHERENTLY BOGUS religion for people whose IQs are between that of an amoeba and 139 1/2. It is a certified religion of scorn and vengeance: directed at THEM, devised by precise mathematical formulae, wilder than the most arcane UFO/Atlantis cults, invaluable to all superior renegades who AT ANY TIME are justifiably on the edge of insanity. Most important, it shows people how to find "Bob."

Who is J.R. "Bob" Dobbs anyway? Dues-paying subgeniuses already know about "Bob" and his fast-growing Church of the Subgenius. They read the official newsletter of the Church, "The Stark Fist of Removal". They may own "Bob" t-shirts and may have heard the media barrage tapes of his preachings on radio stations throughout the country.

"The Book of The Subgenius" is the epic self-help Manual of Revelation. It explains the Conspiracy. Readers can learn how "Bob" became the Saint of Sales; how he told L. Ron Hubbard that "they may be pink but their money is green!"

Members of the Subgenius cult can speak to benevolent aliens, and learn frame-straightening, gripe elaboration, and frenzy techniques. The void of their brain-pans will be filled with corrected info and subconsciously implanted ritual experiences. The paranoia of the modern world is not only knowable but DESIRABLE, according to "Bob".

What is "Bob's" overview? What is his plan? Readers will pay to know what they REALLY THINK.

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