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Snapp, Krackle, Pop!!!

Stim-junkie and SKP!!! editor Barry Atkinson has only managed to squeak out one issue of this baby, but he keeps teasing us with news of a pending second issue. Will he be able to keep all his balls in the air - juggling money, livin' large, fighting the pink boys, and mainlining pop and fringe cultures all at the same time? Given how cool I thought the first issue of SKP!!! was (even BEFORE I became friends with Barry), I'm sure pullin' for him.

Barry's brilliance is in his ability to shot from the hip, often touching the same frayed nerves that dangle from most of us hobbling "meatbots." His editorial in #1 is a rock 'em sock-'em soap boxing match against all the demons that assail him. Barry's no total whiner, though. He's hip enough to "panic culture" to appreciate the perverse thrill of riding the edge between laughter and leaping off the nearest bridge.

Issue one covered Barry's monkeying around with different smart drugs, some shitty poetry, a report on the 2nd Cyberspace Conference, a nice introduction to "Transputers," a rant entitled: "Kill the Sixties," and an essay on architecture and ideology. Music, book, and zine reviews, too.

(G. Branwyn)

Snapp, Krackle, Pop!!!
Barry Atkinson, editor
PO Box 86516
Los Angeles, LA 90086-516
Issue #1 $3.00
Issue #2 $5.00 (forthcoming)


Here is the TEXT POPUP for Snapp, Krackle, Pop!!!

This product is not animal tested.
- back cover of issue #1

Estimates are that 65% of the total space in the modern city is given over to autos. What is sadder is that probably 90% of the public space is auto related. In many newer subdivisions sidewalks exist only with the compound. Walk out of the compound and you are on a 5-lane 60 mph road with no provisions made whatsoever for the existence of pedestrians.

from "Architecture as Ideology"
Diki Wozniak

Have you seen the new police cars? Here in LA they're using the new Chevrolet Caprice. And American car companies wonder why we continue to buy imports? The Caprice is so fucking UGLY I almost like it.

from "Spew!"
by Barry Atkinson

Freedom is on the chopping block BIG TIME! I encourage everyone to exercise all your rights - even if you don't think you need them, because there may come a time when you need them and they'll be gone. Push the existing system to its boundaries so that the boundaries are well defined or no longer boundaries at all.

more "Spew"-ing

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