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Semiotext(e) USA
edited by Jim Fleming and Peter Lamborn Wilson

"Semiotext(e) USA" is a exploration of American "psychotopography" - looking especially at areas not found on the official maps of consensus perception.

The back cover offers:

"We are amazed. We are NOT BORED. We have discarded the outmoded chasm of post-modern incommunicadismo. Passion and involvement, self-abandoned craziness, funny, sexy, dangerous, unabashedly precious, punk, loud and direct. SF, speculative fiction, weird fantasy - Pornography - Other mutated genres - Sermons, rants, broadsheets, crackpot pamphlets, manifestoes - Xerox and mimeo zines - Punkzines - Mail art - Kids' poetry - Subverted advertisements - American samizdat - Astounding rhetoric, elegant propaganda - Underground comix - Geographical documentation (maps, monuments, guides to weird places, photographs) - Stolen top secret documents - And a special feature: scores of personal and classified ads, each one with a box-number or address, to connect YOU with the edges of the USA - Anarchists, unidentified flying leftists, neo-pagans, secessionists, the lunatic fringe of survivalism, cults, foreign agents, mad bombers, ban-the-bombers, nudists, monarchists, children's liberation, tax resisters, zero-workers, mimeo poets, vampires, feuilletonistes, xerox pirates, prisoners, pataphysicians, unrepentant faggots, witches, hardcore youth, poetic terrorists...

For the realization of almost-unheard-of desires."

(G. Branwyn)



Semiotext(e) USA
edited by Jim Fleming and Peter Lamborn Wilson
522 Philosophy Hall
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
1987, 352 pgs., $12.00

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