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Four times a year, "Kooks" brings the most interesting assortment of lunatics, freaks, eccentrics, cranks and nutboys right into your home. Learn the real truth about UFOs! (Trevor James Constable reveals that they aren't machines, but something like giant flying amoebas!) Learn how the answer to all Earth's problems is to reduce the population by celibacy and spanking orgies! See how Satan is trying to steal your soul with rock and roll! Starting in issue #5, Kooks begins their "Kooks Behind Bars" series-- profiles of cranks in American prisons (Learn how we are all the sex slaves of Tom "Worldpimp" Hall!). All this, plus reviews of books of and about the latest crank theories makes "Kooks" indispensable for anyone interested in the real bleeding edge of thought.

(Richard Kadrey)


Donna Kossy, Editor
The Out-of-Kontrol Data Institute
P.O. Box 953, Allston, MA 02134
$12/year [4 issues]

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Kooks:

"Kooks" editor Donna Kossy got her start in zine publishing with a xerox art rag called "False Positive" Each issue had a theme (Technology, Food, Drugs, Cars) which was explored through stories, kookish ranting, and collage. The covers were beautiful color xerox collages by Kossy. If you ever get an opportunity to see back issues, check 'em out!

The Jews are the Devil's chosen people!
Satan's Agents: The Rabbis
For the glory and honor of God, Fight Communism.
Communism is Jewish!

Santa Claus does not represent our Saviour or God in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Instead, Santa Claus is a Satanic invention purposely designed to promote Satan's kingdom. Proof? See for yourself:

S 114 C 18
A 6 L 72
N 84 A 6
T 120 U 126
A 6 S 114
  -----   -----
  330   336
330+336 = 666

Angela (born Douglas) that the following were based on some event or another in her life: the Doug Masters character in "Iron Triangle;" aspects of "Miami Vice;" the Glandular Angela garbage pail kid; the Angelo/Angela character in "Young Doctors in Love;" Hiram Bullock's songs "Rene and Angela" and "Angelina, Don't Let Your Love Turn to Hate;" the Angela character on ABC's "Who's the Boss;" the Norman character on NBC's "L.A. Law;" and "Saturday Night Live's" Norma. Angela is in the process of taking *all* these guilty parties to court.

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