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J. G. Ballard
RE/Search #8/9

With this issue of "RE/Search," editors Juno and Vale (joined by guest editor David Pringle) turn their considerable compilation skills towards the work of writer/artist J. G. Ballard. This book is an absolute treasure-trove for Ballard fans. It contains interviews with Ballard (and his long-time associate Martin Bax), fiction and non-fiction excerpts, a cut-and-paste autobiography, a series of critical essays, some of Ballard's collages, a chunky collection of quotations, and an extensive bibliography and access section.

Contributors include Pringle, Graeme Revell (from the industrial band SPK), William Burroughs, Joseph Lanz, and many "RE/Search" regulars.

I can't recommend this book highly enough.

(G. Branwyn)



J. G. Ballard
RE/Search #8/9
20 Romolo St. #B
San Francisco, CA 94133
1984, 171 pgs., pb, $15 ppd.


Here is the TEXT POPUP for J. G. Ballard:

Pop artists deal with the lowly trivia of possessions and equipment that the present generation is lugging along with it on its safari into the future.

It was curious that images of heaven or paradise always presented a static world, not the kinetic eternity one would expect, the roller-coaster of a hyperactive fun-fair, the screaming Luna Parks of LSD and psilocybin.

Everything is infinitely exciting, given the transforming power of the imagination.

Sex times technology equals the future.

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