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Chief "Inquisitor" Dany Drennan is another renaissance kinda guy. He's a formidable software/ hardware hacker, a hot-doggin' net surfer, a decent writer and graphic artist... and he's funny to boot! The Inquisitor reads like a hyper-detailed road map to Dany's obsessions: apocalypse culture, hacking, networking, '50s monster movies, and other cultural marginalia. Choke full of the curious, the kooky, and the hands-on. Recommended.

(G. Branwyn)

Dany Drennan
PO Box 132
New York, NY 10024-0132

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Inquisitor:

The Inquisitor is produced 100% electronically... No X-acto knife, no rubber cement was used.

The Big Bang, the apparent expansion of the universe from a soup of primordial spontania, must eventually lose steam and reverse gears. Where we are in this cycle is hard to state, yet it appears to be safe to say that we won't be going back to god's big tureen anytime soon. God's brake-response time is thankfully slow, and we are left with more mundane earthly problems to worry about.

from "Apocalypse...And How"
by Dany Drennan

It seems as though someone has taken Neuromancer to heart. An ad on the editorial page of the New York Times recently spelled out how someone was bilking American companies by posing as Nigerian businesses in need of "matching funds" to release deposits held by the government. And all this by fax, including identification, proof of sales, and transfer of fund statements.

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