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Ambulance: An Electronic Novel

by Jaime Levy

Remember Jaime Levy, purveyor of the hip electronic zines Cyber Rag and Electronic Hollywood? She's been busy recently pushing the E'book envelope with the creation of Ambulance: An Electronic Novel. Based in the Director program, Levy has combined 3 potent elements: artwork by Jaime Hernandez (of Love & Rockets fame), sampled music by Mike Watt (bass player from fIREHOUSE), and a particularly nasty story by Monica Moran (founder of Sinistry Press). Ambulance is about some Gen-Xers who run into a string of spectacularly bad luck involving a car accident and a serial killer disguised as an ambulance driver.
One of the most effective elements here is the music sampling. The droning repetition of the musical phrases, over & over while you absorb slices of the story, gives the whole experience an obsessive, claustrophobic feeling. Levy plans to take advantage of the thousand-plus hours spent on the project by coming out with more titles. "With more famous authors", she says.

(P. Sugarman)



Ambulance: An Electronic Novel
Electronic Hollywood,
PO Box 448,
Prince Street Station,
NYC, NY 10012
(Requires a Macintosh with a HD drive and 2 megs of RAM)

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