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Survival Research Laboratories

Defining Mark Pauline's Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) is not easy. Pauline is a performance artist or, rather, the director of a performance group. The actual performers are machines - nightmare constructions, bit and pieces of scavenged mechanical hardware, the flotsam and jetsam of a post-industrial society. These found machines are stripped down, rebuilt, given new identities and personalities, and let loose on each other in parking lots, warehouses, theaters and foundries in performances of pure mechanical savagery.

But this isn't sensational Bread & Circus' destruction for destruction's sake. SRL's shows function as a sophisticated and sinister version of a Funhouse mirror: a twisted mixture of familiar images (bizarre cars, dangerous construction equipment, ludicrous mechanical men) and highly political satire.

(R. Kadrey)


Survival Research Laboratories
1458 San Bruno Ave., Bldg. C
San Francisco, CA 94110
(video catalog available free)

Here is the TEXT POPUP for Survival Research Labs...

Deliberately False Statements:
(little tracts handed out at SRL performances)

The media can never deny coverage to a good spectacle. No matter how ridiculous, absurd, insane or illogical something is, if it achieves a certain identity as a spectacle, the media has to deal with it.

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