Punching the Clock

This is a fun hardware hack: a cheapo alarm clock outfitted with an accelerometer so that it will go into snooze mode when you smack it, whack it, punch it, toss it off your nightstand, etc. That’s showin’ time who’s boss! Check out the video, it’s a stitch.

[Via hackAday]

Street Tech’s New Senior Editor

Please join me in giving a round warm of applause to Andrew Sasaki, Street Tech’s new Senior Editor. Andrew has been a member of the infamous “Street Tech Irregulars” for years, but now, he’s got a bigger part in the cast, at least he has a swankier title to add to the resume. So who is this Sasaki fellow?

Andrew is a systems manager in the Big Applet by day and a gadget geek 24/7. A true renaissance man, he’s been everything from a graphic designer and a video editor to a bartender and a radio DJ. He’s been a computer geek since the days of punch card and paper tape and a cybernaut since the dawn of the BBS (man, this d00d might be older than I am!). His interests in consumer electronics include photography and audio equipment.

So, from now on, please send all hate mail, computer virii, and cease and desist orders c/o Mr. Sasaki. We kid, we KID, we kid the new recruit!

Moving Pains

If you’re reading this story, it means we’ve successfully moved from our old hosting service to a new one. Hopefully, nothing got screwed up in the process, but Murphy’s Law is one that we’re very familiar with. So if things seems a little screwy for a few days, please forgive us.