Linux Phone

A German company, Invair, has announced the introduction of a Linux-based smart-phone. It’s one of the uglie…most utilitarian looking phones I’ve ever seen, but certainly has its upside; Tri-band GSM and GPRS for worldwide phone and high-speed wireless data access, an integrated GPS module for figuring out just where in the world you are, infrared and bluetooth connectivity, USB/RS232 i/o, 64 megs of RAM (32 ROM) and an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion. The Linux-based OS includes all the basic PIM functions and email and web browsing (on the “optimised” [sic] 160×240 16-shade grayscale screen). Price is expected to be around $700, US release date unknown. The company already sells a similar PDA (no phone function) from their website.

Xeno’s Paradox Solved?

“Physicists have worked out how to look at the smallest sizes and shortest time that some of them believe can exist.

On a human scale, an atom is inconceivably small. But size is relative. On the Planck scale—the smallest that physical theory recognises—atoms are huge. At this scale, named after Max Planck, the founder of quantum theory, many physicists envisage space and time as being grainy, rather than continuous.” – The Economist

Thank goodness. Xeno’s Paradox had always bothered me, but now it seems there is no “half-way” at some level. Somehow that’s reassuring.

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