iPod Bluetooth Adapter on the Way?

In a piece carried on an Australian car website, a Pioneer spokesbot let slip that Apple will soon be releasing a Bluetooth adapter for iPods which’ll allow them to wirelessly communicate with Pioneer’s new DEH car stereo head units. The Bluetooth-equipped car system is already capable of talking to Bluetooth mobile phones, allowing you to make and receive calls through the car’s head and speakers. The basic Pioneer DEH model (DEH-P7850BT) will set you back 800 shekels. The more power, color-screened DEH-9850BT costs $1,000.

One would assume that the iPod adapter will also work with other Bluetooth wireless audio devices, such as headphones, speakers, and the like. No word on when the adapter will be released, but when do we ever know about the release of Apple products beforehand?

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MySpace: The Magazine?

So, now that Fox is all down with the iGeneration after buying MySpace, what new media trails do they want to blaze next? How about the one paved with plenty of dead trees? According to a piece in Advertising Age (and reported by our confederates, TechDirt), they’re “modeling” it now. Modeling it? I thought you wrote and then published a magazine, but I guess when you’re just shooting for style over substance you “model” it, kind of like this fall’s must-have fashions. I can see the pitch meetings now: “Look, Rupe, it’s like Us or People, only with tattoos, piercings and lots of crazy page designs. The kids love the insane backgrounds” “No, listen, how about: It’s FHM or Maxim, only we won’t pay up and coming writers to dream up the frat house boob and fart jokes, we datamine this stuff from pages on the site, for free! This make the kids feel all interactive. They eat this stuff up. ”

Personally, I’m holding out for the YouTube print mag. Now *that* promises to be a page-turner.

Logitech Commandeers the “Revolution”

I guess Logitech figured that, because Nintendo wasn’t going to be using the name Revolution for their game system with the innovative controller, Logitech might as well use it for their “groundbreaking” new controller. Logitech’s idea of a Revolution (MX) is a very swanky looking wireless laser mouse with features they say will make a huge difference in how you use your mouse.

Some of these features include hyper-scrolling (you can free-spin the scroll wheel to blaze through long documents), a detailed navigation mode (which lets you scroll line-by-line through dense documents, spreadsheets, etc), a search button on the mouse (just behind the scroll wheel) which will allow you to initiate a search on a word by clicking the button when the mouse is on that word, a document quick-flip button (the wheel on the side), which lets you flip through open docs/apps, and a couple of other document-handling features. We’re not sure that it’s going to change the world or anything, but it looks like a cool and comfortable mouse with some bells and whistles that might actually be useful. But at US$100, it’s a Revolution that may require financial backing from some shady off-shore sugar daddy.

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More Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

As I read more about Ubuntu Linux, I’m getting more excited about installing it on our Alienware tower. We posted an item about Lifehacker’s “Top Ten Ubuntu Apps & Tweaks” the other day. Now Linux.com has Ten Tips for New Ubuntu Users. It has useful info, such as what you need to do to install KDE or Xfce desktops on top of Ubuntu, how to get multimedia working (for licensing reasons, it doesn’t support MP3, DVD and other media formats out of the box, but for most hardware, this is easily fixed with some packages), changing defaults to your liking, etc. Definitely worth taking a look at if you’re about to take the Ubuntu plunge.

[Via Lifehacker]

Rudy Rucker Launches “Webzine of Astonishing Tales”

Street Tech hero Rudy Rucker has launched a web-based lit zine called Flurb. The first issue has pieces by Rudy and Paul DiFilippo, Richard Kadrey, and Marc Laidlaw, all fellow alums of print bOING bOING. The “Freestyle/Ribofunk” crowd — nice to see them all together again under one virtual roof.

[When I was a young stoner (been there/off that), “flurble durble” was a way that you could say: “I’m too many tokes over the line to rub actual thoughts together anymore. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.” Somehow, having this association connect up to Rudy seems so apropos.]

The Beef Bowl PC

You may have already seen this on the Make blog, but in the interest of complete coverage of wacky, weird and dumbass USB devices, we had to post this here. This is a BBQ cooker built from 6 PCI USB cards on a PC with five USB ports per card. That’s right: the awesome cooking power of 24 USB ports (at least we think only 24 were used). Love the machine translation of the page:

“Taste of the just a little electronic part did. (Laughing)”

Yoda, is that you?

“Throne” Built from 4000 AOL CDs

I don’t know how this escaped our attention before. It’s a lighted throne chair built from 4000 AOL CD spamdiscs. I love how they got a sort of mosaic tile effect by using the same version of AOL discs for the seat and back. The finished chair weighs 150 lbs and barely fits through doors.

[Via hackAday]

Juice Box Media Players for Less Than $4 Each!!

Tim Slagle of DC Dorkbot writes:

Overstock.com has a *six pack* of Mattel Juice Box Personal Media Players for US $21.99 with $1 shipping. There are 12% off coupons around that make the shipped price $20.35. Search Google for “overstock coupon.”

The Juice Box apparently runs uC Linux internally and there is lots of hacking info available here:

eLinux Wiki Juice Box Page
Make LCD Frame Flickr Pool
Juice Box item on LinuxDevices with resource links
Juice Box post and discussion on /.

The Juice Box comes with the SD card adaptor. If anyone needs a bunch of small LCD screens for a project, this may be the way to go. Can’t afford not to buy them at this price!

Top Ten Linux Apps for Recent Switchers

Today’s “Hack Attack” column on Lifehacker is a top ten (eleven, actually) list of awesome apps the author, Adam Pash, is using with his recent install of Ubuntu Linux.

My son just went back to college and said I could commandeer his old Alienware box. I’m thinking about installing Ubuntu on it (as a dual-boot with XP) so I can get more proficient with Linux. I haven’t gotten down and dirty with the Penguin since I worked on my TiVo book.

New LEGO Mindstorms Community Blogs

Not to take anything away from our friends over at Nxtbot.com, but there a couple of other cool new blogs dedicated to the just-released LEGO Mindstorms NXT system that you might want to add to your feeds if you’re a LEGO bot enthusiast.

Nxtasy (we won’t make any snarky comments about their name) has a look and feel, and content, similar to Nxtbot. They seem to be more focused on the nuts and bolts of Mindstorms and less on the field of hobby robotics and R&D in general. They have projects, complete with code, building instructions, and videos of bot demos and vid news items about Mindstorms.

The Mindstorms NXT Review has similar content to both Nxtbot and Nxtasy, with a design that makes it kind of hard to read. Not sure yet whether this one is worth regular visits or not. Of all three blogs, Nxtasy seems to have the most frequent updates and the juciest content, and their content is all-LEGO, while Nxtbot covers all types of bots.

Mindstorms Easter Egg Bonus: There’s a hidden video, an NXT commercial, on the front page of the official Mindstorms site. Click on the word “do!” at the end of the “What is NXT?” section. It’ll take you to the vid of their mascot bot (that Johnny5 wannabe) playing soccer. It’s not the real bot, it’s an animation and he’s doing things no NXT could ever do, which is kind of ironic ’cause it’s hidden behind the words “can do.” [Via Mindstorms NXT Review]