Warren Ellis Gets Mindjacked

Mindjack, the digital culture zine honchoed by Street Tech Irregular Donald Melanson, has an excellent interview with comic book mastermind Warren Ellis (Transmet, Planetary).

If you don’t make regular browser stops at Mindjack already, you really should. It just keeps on getting better — and I’m not JUST saying that ’cause I’m on the Mindjack Board of Advisors, and so far, I’ve been utterly shiftless and non-responsive in that role. Please make a point of going there and participating, so I can feel worthy and wholesome (right now, I feel DIRTY).

Mmm. Beer.

I know, it’s bad to reward spam, but when this arrived in my email, I actually thought “this might be the first time I actually buy a product from unsolicited email.” This is the Homer Simpson talking beer opener, which says “Mmmm. Beer,” and more, whenever you crack open a cold one. You can hear Homie drooling over a Duff by clicking here (.wav file). While I won’t reward the original spammer, I’ve found the opener elsewhere for around $9. Go to BrewOrganic for yours.

Selling CDs is Thievery

In a gleefully ironic turn, major CD music vendors have been convicted of price-fixing. Who’s the thief now, huh? huh?


Under the settlement, $67.38 million in cash will be distributed to the settling states. This will be used to compensate consumers who overpaid for CDs during the 1995-2000 period, as well as to pay settlement administration costs and attorneys’ fees. In addition, 5.5 million CDs, valued at $75.7 million, will be distributed to public entities and nonprofit organizations in each state to benefit consumers and promote music programs. According to the agreement, the companies will pay artist royalties on the CDs.

ST Web Guru Nearly “Butted” By Goat

In a strange altercation that authorities are still trying to understand, Tim Tate, webmaster of the insanely popular website Street Tech, was nearly killed by a mountain goat this Saturday. Apparently Mr. Tate was attempting to involve the animal in some sort of bizarre pagan ritual and the goat didn’t take kindly to Mr. Tate’s advances. “He was always such a nice, quiet fellow,” said Gareth Branwyn, the cybernetic organism that runs the website. “I can’t imagine him being involved in anything like this. Last I heard, he was very involved in helping the Girl Scouts sell cookies.” Mr. Tate is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries.